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   NTU Power Electronics Lab was established in July, 2003. The number of graduate students enrolled every year have been kept at about 15. Among them, about 50% are pursuing their doctor degrees. There have been a variety of research projects conducted in the general area of power electronics, some sponsored by government and the rest by industries. Areas of research are given below:

  1. Control Analysis and Design for Voltage Regulators of Future CPU Power
  2. Digital Control Schemes and Modeling for High-Frequency DC Converters
  3. Mix-mode Electromagnetic Interference in Power Electronics systems.
  4. Novel Soft Switching Schemes for Bridgeless Power Factor Correction Circuits
  5. Chip-level Design and Analysis for a Constant Power Control Scheme for Battery Chargers
  6. Loss Analysis and Measurement of Very Low-voltage Converters
  7. Modeling of Single-inductor Multiple-output Converters
  8. Analysis of a 3-phase Interleaved Power Correction Circuits with Critical Mode Operation
  9. Analysis of the Current Harmonics of a Novel Truncated Power Factor Correction Circuit operating at Critical Mode
  10. Simulation of Various functions of current-mode control Converters Using SIMPLIS


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